Geoffrey B. Severin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Michigan State University )

Geoff received his doctoral degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University in 2020, studying cyclic-dinucleotide second messenger signaling and horizontally acquired genes in El Tor Vibrio cholerae. He took his love of microbes to the Mobley lab in late 2020 and is working to identify and characterize fitness factors universally utilized by Gram-negative bacteria, as well as those unique to Citrobacter freundii, in a murine model of bacteremia. Additionally, he is exploring C. freundii for novel biological pathways and phage defense systems to exploit for molecular and therapeutic purposes. When he’s not at the bench, Geoff can most likely be found playing outdoors with his two children, tinkering with home improvement projects, or out on a run.